Believe … a Tribute -Show to Cher

Relyn Bacani is a professional singer since 1991.She was given the chance at her young age to work abroad as a singer.She began her career in a Coverband where she sang both lead and backing vocals.After years of singing with a Coverband,Relyn started her solo singing career in 2008. Her versatility and creativity has expand her talent as a singer and discover her  ability to mimic voices of many famous artists like Shania Twain,Shakira,Amy Macdonald,Amy Grant,Bonnie Raith and many others.But among them,her  interpretation of Cher songs have catched the attentions  of  many from  her audiences.

She used this talent in December 31  2014 as a highlight on their New Years Eve  Party  in their restaurant.She made a half an hour show singing the famous songs of Cher.After a positive feedback,Relyn had began to apply her creativity with designing and making her own costume for the Cher Show.

On Febuary 14,2015 Relyn made her first Tribute concert,  Believe…A Tribute Show to Cher.

The 90minutes show is divided into 3 sets wearing her different outfit  originally inspired by Cher’s costumes.The first part of the show is the 60’s-70’s hits  like I Got You Babe which she sang with her ex-husband Sonny.Which follows with her hit songs from the 80’s like If I Could Turn Back Time and Jesse James.And ended the set with the  self titled album from ‘Cher Believe’ in 2000. The said concert was then talked of the town.She’ve been  booked from then on and performed in different events.

Believe..A Tribute Show To Cher is a whole package of entertainment.Relyn impersonates Cher and sing her hit songs from the past,her hair with different wigs,and her body that fits wearing her own creation of a look a like costume from Cher.A show that you would’nt want to miss.The show that will Turn Back Time and let you Believe..

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